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*Toddler Daily sheets, for ages 18 months to 35 months. It includes snacks and meals and how much your child ate, diaper changes or potty breaks for those potty training, and any other important tidbits teachers want to communicate to parents.

*Diaper Changes every other hour or sooner if needed. Potty breaks every half hour for those children potty training.

*Separate nap mats to be slept on by one toddler only. Also sanitized daily.

*Constructive small and large motorskill play, including outside time as well as puzzles and shape fitting.

*Early Start Preschool Curriculum done with the students every day. It’s a structured program where Toddlers learn how to interact with the world around them through songs, on-your-feet activities, color sheets, and pretend play.

*Bible Lessons appropriate for the age group, including songs, dances, stories, and crafts.