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*Separate nap mats to be slept on by one Pre-K student only. Also sanitized daily.

*Early Start Preschool Curriculum done with the students every day. It’s a structured program where Pre-K students learn how the world around them works through songs, on-your-feet activities, color and activity sheets, arts and crafts activities and pretend play.

*Phonics program called I Can Read done daily with the students. It’s a structured learning program which teaches students not only to recite and recognize their letters, but also their vowel and consonant sounds to put them together to form words.

*Spanish and Sign Language taught bi-weekly. The students explore more than their alphabet and simple words. Our Spanish speaking teachers help the children understand Spanish sentence structure and Sign Language word compounds.

*Bible Lessons appropriate for the age group, including songs, dances, stories, crafts and scripture memory.